Zpayd Merchant Solution

Zpayd Merchant Solution

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Members that are registered with Zpayd Merchant can invoice their customers irrespective of their geographic location using Zpayd Merchant Platform and get paid using payment link that is provided to their corresponding customers.

Once the funds are settled, Zpayd Merchant users can request for funds to be disbursed directly to their bank account. Our fees are almost 10 times lower than some of the leading companies as we do not use SWIFT rails for deposits, which is costly for us and our users.

Freelancers accross the world end up paying almost 35% in fees by the time their funds settle on their bank account. With Zpayd Merchant, inclusive processing cost for freelancer can be as little as 2% and no higher than 6%*.

Main Benefits of Using Zpayd Merchant Solution:
1 Direct To Bank Account
2 No Hidden Fees
3 Almost 10 times cheaper than leading competitors
4 Instant Fund Deposit in 22 Countries ( See merchant.zpayd.com for details)

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Zpayd Merchant Solution

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